How to Resubscribe a Contact in EMM

Resubscribing a Member:
  1. Go to the club’s URL and add '/EmailSubscription.aspx' to the end. Some examples include:
  1. Fill out the form and click Subscribe
    • This will change the member’s status in Email Marketing from 'Unsubscribed' to 'Pending'
    • The member will receive an email with a validation link; the member MUST click on the validation link in order to confirm their re-subscription
    • Once the member clicks on the link to validate their email address, their status will change from 'Pending' to 'Subscribed'
Note: If the member provides a ‘NEW’ email address, please add that email to the Member File in your Accounting System and remember to run an export so that the new information is updated into Email Marketing.  
Subscribing a Guest and/or Perspective Member:

This page can also be used to obtain emails for guests and/or perspective members. In this scenario we recommend adding ‘Lists’ to the form to allow the perspective members to choose the types of emails that they would like to receive from the club such as News, Upcoming Events, Golf, Dining, etc.