Campaign Personalization

Get Personal With Your Audience

Using personalization in your email campaigns is a great way to jumpstart long-term relationships with your contacts. Members are more likely to open your campaigns if addressed to them personally as well as including other information pertaining to them.

  • Member Name
  • Birthday Information
  • Statement Balance Information
  • Location Information
  • Interests
  • etc.

Address Contacts By Name

When drafting a campaign, it is always best practice to address the recipient of the message by their full name. This should either be done at the very beginning of the campaign or by the first paragraph or section of the campaign. The name should be done in a larger font to draw attention to the fact that this campaign was meant for the reader and is not just a generic publication.

Greetings Joe Oswald!

The Mystic River Country club would like to invite you to the re-opening of the Member Clubhouse this Friday May 27th, 2020 at 3pm ET. 

Contact names can be inserted into a campaign utilizing the Merge Fields button inside the Smart Builder and Full Email Editor. 

Inserting the Merge Fields of Contact.First Name & Contact.Last Name will allow your campaigns to personalized for each contact they are sent to. 

Email Draft Recipient Email
Dear [Contact.First Name] [Contact.Last Name], Dear Joe Oswald,


Inserting other Contact Field Information

Any of the fields that are exported to Email Marketing, can be inserted as a Merge Field within a campaign. This would greatly benefit the usage of Automated Campaigns that would be sent out to membership. These Automated Campaigns could include the following information:

Statement Information

  • Statement Balance
  • Minimum Balance
  • Levy Balance
  • Overdue Balance

Anniversary Information

  • Date of Birthday
  • Age of Member
  • Date Joined
If you're interested in the type of Automated Campaigns that can be configured, take a look at the Automated Campaign Guide.