How to Save a Campaign

In Step 3 of editing a campaign, you'll be able to enter in the subject line and choose the From Email and Reply to Email. If you want the From Email and Reply to Email to be different, you must uncheck the box next to "Same as From Email".

Near the bottom of the screen, there is a More Options section where you may choose the Footer Message and choose whether or not you want to include a header to view the online version of the email.

Click Choose Footer Message and a window will open showing a list of available footer messages that you choose from. Click the radio button next to the message you want and click OK to set it.

Below the Mailing address text box, there is a checkbox next to "View email online". Check this box if you wish to include a header. In the two text fields below, you may enter the text that will appear in your header or choose to keep the default text.

When you're satisfied with the information that has been entered, click the Save Draft button found on the top or bottom right corner of the screen.