A compilation of commonly asked Questions followed by their Answers. The list ranges from simple matters like adding a PDF to an email message, to more advanced troubleshooting guides on what to do when a contact does not appear to recieve email messages.

How do I re-subscribe a contact that has an ‘unsubscribed’ status?

Resubscribing a Member

  1. Go to the club’s URL and add '/EmailSubscription.aspx' to the end. Some examples include:
    • www.YourClubName.com/EmailSubscription.aspx
    • http://YourClubName.clubhouseonline-e3.com/EmailSubscription.aspx
    • http://YourClubName.clubhouseonline-e3.net/EMailSubscription.aspx
Note: A form that looks similar to the one found below should be displayed. If it displays “page not found” please contact websupport@jonasclub.com for assistance to have it setup.
  1. Fill out the form and click Subscribe
    • This will change the member’s status in Email Marketing from 'Unsubscribed' to 'Pending'
    • The member will receive an email with a validation link; the member must click on the validation link in order to confirm their re-subscription
    • Once the member clicks on the link to validate their email address, their status will change from 'Pending' to 'Subscribed'
Note: If the member provides a ‘NEW’ email address, please add that email to the Member File in your Accounting System and remember to run an export so that the new information is updated into Email Marketing.  

Subscribing a Guest and/or Perspective Member

This page can also be used to obtain emails for guests and/or perspective members. In this scenario we recommend adding ‘Lists’ to the form to allow the perspective members to choose the types of emails that they would like to receive from the club such as News, Upcoming Events, Golf, Dining, etc. For more information and/or assistance on this subject please contact us at websupport@jonasclub.com

I've logged in to Club Central and clicked on Email Marketing. The system is asking me to Login a second time but my credentials do not work. How do i access Email Marketing?

An E3 User will only need to login once -- during their initial Login to access Club Central -- in order to access the Email Marketing Platform. If the Login prompt appearing below is displayed once the user is logged in and selects Email Marketing, It will not be necessary to enter your login information again.

The secondary authentication prompt occurs due to a bug related to Internet Explorer browsers. The quickest workaround is to use another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox where this issue does not occur. If required, it is possible to modify Internet Explorer security settings to bypass the associated bug. Please call our Web Support Department for further assistance.

I sent a test email to myself (in Outlook) and the images are not appearing as they do in the preview. Images are too large or too small. How do I fix this?

Some email applications (such as Outlook) might not respect image resizing that is done when editing your email campaign. As a result, the images will display in their original dimensions instead of respecting the newly defined size. To help ensure that imagesdisplay as their intended size, resize your image file to the appropraite size before uploading it to Email Marketing. 

Since it is ultimately not possible to entirely control how the message will appear on a Users specific Email platform when the message is recieved, be sure to include the Link to Online Version in your message. This link will allow recipients to open the email message in their Internet Browser, which is optimized to read HTML code.

How do include a PDF file in my email campaign?

Before a PDF file can be linked within an email message, its URL address needs to obtained so that it can be inserted as Link. To obtain the URL address for a PDF file please use the following steps.

In order to obtain the URL address it is usually required to navigate to another portion of website. Thus, if you are currently in the process of editing a campaign, please save before continuing. (if using the Full Editor, selecting the "INSERT > FROM MEDIA LIBRARY" button  button in the WYSIWYG will provide a shortcut to the Media Library)
  1. Navigate to the Media Library within the Email Marketing module.
  2. Right click on the PDF file and select “Copy URL”.

  1. In the pop-up box that appears, highlight the URL address. Next, use Ctrl+C or Right Click Mouse button > copy to copy the URL to the clipboard.
  1. Navigate to the desired Campaign where the PDF is to be linked, and Edit its email message.
  2. Enter the desired text to be linked within the email message and/or highlight its contents.
  3. Click the “insert link” button in the WYSIWYG editor above.

  1. In the “Link URL” field, use either Ctrl+V or right click mouse button and Paste to paste the URL that was copied from the media library
  2. Click the “Insert” button.
The text may now display in different formatting, indicating it is linked.

Note: Files that have been uploaded thorugh the website media library will be automatically added to the email marketring media library and files that have been uploaded to through the ema9il marketing media library will not automatically be added to the website media library.


How do I edit and resend an email campaign that has already been sent?

A successful email campaign is a result of a series of steps that are packaged together, cumulating in the successful sending of the Email Message. Once a Campaign has finished, (I.E sent to its selected recipients, as indicated by its Sent status) most of its aspects cannot be edited any longer. Instead, a Report is available to review the results of the sent campaign.
In order to re-send successfully Sent email campaign, the User will need to create a copy of it, which can then be edited and re-sent.
  1. Navigate to E3 Email Marketing Campaigns Menu
  2. Click on the name of a desired Campaign

There are two methods by which the process of Re-sending/Editing a Campaign can be initialized: by utilizing the COPY button or the RESEND button. In both cases, when an email Campaign is copied, it can be found under the Campaigns section in E3 Email Marketing with a number prefix at its end corresponding to the number of existing copies of this campaign.
For example, copying a Campaign called “Newsletter – Wellness”, will result in the copied version being named “Newsletter – Wellness – 1”. Copying it again will result in “Newsletter – Wellness – 2” and so on.

The COPY Method

The easiest way to Copy a Campaign is to click on the Copy button located at the top.

Once clicked, the following message which show at the top of the page: “Email Campaign successfully copied.” The campaign will now be found under the Campaigns section in E3 Email Marketing with a number prefix at its end corresponding to the number of existing copies of this campaign.

The copy will include all previous content from the original campaign, including recpieents, messages, and the like (excluding the Report). It is now possible edit all aspects of the newly copied campaign and Schedule as desired.

The RESEND Method

Another method by which a Campaign can be resent is by selecting the RESEND button at the top. 

Once clicked, there are three options to select from:
  • New subscribers since original email was sent on [Month / Day / Year and Time of initial campaign]
Send an email to all new contacts that were added after the original sending date of the campaign. This option will create a copy of the Campaign. This copy will automatically
Include a new Segment as part of the Campaigns Recipients, based on the date criteria from the original Campaign.
  • Original recipients that [choice of recipient action]
Send the email to recipients based on their action / non-action as it relates to the original messages. The choices appear as follows:

Did not open recipients who did not open the message
Clicked any link recipients who clicked any of the links within the message
Replied recipients who replied to the message (reply tracking must be turned on)
Soft bounced recipients who ‘Soft Bounced’ upon receiving message.
Note: When resending to recipients that did not open, it may include those that acutlaly did open it but blocked images from being displayed. This occurs due to the nature of how Opens are tracked; via a tiny pixel image that get sent back to the Email Marketing Platform when a recipient opens a message.
  • Another mailing list or segment (select recipients later)
This option creates a copy of the message and remove any associated recipients from the previous message. Allowing the user to select their own recipients rather than copying existing ones from the previous Campaign.

A Member stated he is not receiving email messages. What's next?

There are numerous reasons why a member may not be receiving emails via the Email Marketing Platform. These can range from incorrect email addresses, to mismatched or not-up-to-date information, to even the rejection/filtering of the email from the members end, without their explicit knowledge. Thus, it is important to review and investigate these reasons on a case by case basis in order to determine why a contact is not receiving their emails. The following is a list of troubleshooting questions to be reviewed in order. Each step is a potential reason for why a contact may have not received an email:
  1. Can the Members email address be found as a Contact in the Email Marketing Platform?
  2. What is the Email Marketing Status of the contact?
  3. Has the contact been included in a Segment or a List?
  4. Has an email message been sent to the Contact?
  5. If the email has been sent, did the contact check their Spam / Junk / Promotions sections of their email platform?

The very first step is to ensure that the email address the contact is expecting to receive email messages for is within the Email Marketing System.
In E3 Email Marketing:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts Tab
  2. Locate the Email Address ‘Search…’ bar
  3. Input a contacts email address and click Search

Make sure that the email address is typed in correctly and do not include extra spaces after, confirm with member that you have their most current desired email address.

Cross reference their personal information. Is their First name, last name, member number, etc correct?

The Status of the member, which is specific to the Email Marketing platform itself may determine whether contacts will receive emails or not. Once the search results for the contact generated, their status will appear in the Status column. It will be one of the following:

Subscribed The contact is fully active and is ready to receive emails
Unsubscribed The contact has either selected to stop receiving messages from the club or clicked on the unsubscribe link found on the bottom of each message in error. The contact will no longer receive messages until the account is activated. Click HERE for instructions on re-activating an unsubscribed contact.
Hard bounce The contacts Email address has bounced before and as a result will not receive any more messages until the account is activated again.
Soft bounce The contacts Email address has bounced temporarily. The contact will continue to receive more messages, but may turn into a Hard Bounce in the future.
Pending The contact is in the system, but has not been fully activated. They have been manually placed into Pending status, or they have been recently re-subscribed. The user must click the confirmation link sent after submitting a re-subscribe (or sign up) form for the status to change from Pending to Subscribed.

All statuses except Unsubscribed and Pending can be configured by an E3 Email Marketing User. Simply search for the contact, click on their email address to access the View/Edit Contact page, use the drop down Status selections to change the status.
NOTE: Changing a contacts Status to Unsubscribed or Pending will result in the Status Drop Down menu becoming grey, and will unable a User to modify the contacts status. The contact will have to be re-subscribed using the Sign Up Form. Click HERE for further instructions.
It is possible that the contact was not properly included within a Segment or a List prior to the Campaign being sent out and thus did not receive the message.
Review a specific Email Campaign to determine which List(s) and/or Segment(s) were used for a specific Campaign.
In E3 Email Marketing
  1. Navigate to the Campaign Menu
  2. Click on the name of a Sent Campaign

Inspect the Recipients portion, which will present the List(s) and/or Segment(s) which were included in the Email Campaign. Take note of them.

  1. Navigate to Contacts E3 Email Marketing Menu
  2. Click on the drop down menu found under the Show field, and select “Mailing list or segment…”
  1. In the new Pop-up window, click on REFRESH to get the most up to date count.
  2. Use the checkmark function to select a List or Segment
  3. Click SELECT
A query of all contacts within this List or Segment will generate. Search for the contact to see if they are part of this List or Segment.
Repeat the steps for all necessary Campaigns or Lists
Navigating to the contacts History within the View/Edit contact page will allow a user to see whether an email has been recently sent to the contact.
In E3 Email Marketing:
  1. Navigate to Contacts
  2. Search for the specific Contact and click on their Email Address
  3. Select the History tab

Inspect the date of the previous email(s). Has the email been sent to the contact recently? The Opens column indicates how many times the email message was opened. Is there an indication the contact has opened the email?
NOTE: If indeed the specific email message that the Contact claims they did not receive was opened, please ask them to review their entire Inbox. In some instances, it is possible that more than one person has access to an email account. As such, certain individuals may not be aware that the email has been previously opened and that it is located within their ‘read’ messages.
If thus far, it was verified that the contacts email and field information is correct, they are included in the appropriate List and/or Segment, and that an Email was sent recently, it is now time to get the Member involved as the issue may be occurring on their end.

Contact the member and ask them to check any type of Spam, Junk or other related folders/sections within their Email Platform.
NOTE: Email marketing regulations require by law for certain elements -- such as an Unsubscribed link, or the physical address information of the organization -- to be included within each email sent. User end email marketing programs or platforms may automatically filter out emails with this information and place them in Junk, Spam, or other tabs.
If the contact is still not able to locate the email message after it was confirmed that it was indeed Sent (but not opened), then it is possible that the email has been ‘quarantined’ or filtered out from being received by the contacts email domain.

Such occurrences are more prevalent when it comes to more private email addresses such as employer related or personal domains. In such instances, we recommend forwarding the Whitelist information to the member so that it can be configured for their email domain.
The Whitelist or ‘Safe Sender’ information below is an IP address and/or an Email Domain representing E3 Email Marketing. Adding this domain to the contacts Whitelist or Safe Sender will tell the Email Platform to allow/accept email messages coming from this specific address or domain instead of rejecting or quarantining it. In some instances, an IT from the members end may need to assist with this as they may not have the expertise or access to do so. For example, if a member is using their work related address to receive emails, an IT from that workplace will need to be consulted in order to Whitelist, or add E3 Email Marketing as a safe sender.
Members can also update the whitelist information for their email program to include the email marketing domain.

The email domain is: mailer.clubhouseonline-e3.com.

We can send this domain to the member to add to their email programs white list.

I sent a test email to myself and I have not yet received it.

The email may have been placed in your junk/spam folder or is being blocked by spam filters or a quarantine. Our recommendation is to configure the SPF record and/or whitelist the appropriate domain.

With the growing concern of email marketing misuse and SPAM email systems being setup, additional security precautions have been enacted by the majority of businesses and email service providers. One of these precautions that has become quite prominent is an SPF Record verification. SPF stands for ‘Sender Policy Framework’ and essentially outlines who has the authority to send e-mails on behalf of your domain. With any e-mail marketing service, you have the ability to state who is sending the email. This is typically identified in the “From” address of the message. The message itself though will not be originating from your domain but will actually be sent from mail servers belonging to the email marketing provider. In this case, the ClubHouse Online E3 servers are actually distributing your email marketing campaigns to your members. That being said the “From” address you are using most likely belongs to your club.
To ensure your message will not be blocked by this verification check, you will need to have an SPF record setup for your domain. This configuration will need to completed by the Administrator for your domain or by your IT team. Below is the record that will need to be setup on your domain:
[Club name]  IN TXT "v=spf1 mx a ip4: ip4: include:mailer.clubhouseonline-e3.com -all"
Once this record has been configured on your domain it will take approximately 24 hours to propagate. You can confirm that this record has been put in place by following these steps:
  1. In a web browser navigate to centralops.net
  2. Under Domain Dossier, enter in your club domain name
  3. Click on GO
  4. This will display your domain profile. Scroll to the bottom of the profile
The bottom of the profile will display all the DNS records that have been setup for your domain. You will be looking for the same entry that is listed above. An example of how it will appear is displayed below

The other security precaution that you will need to account for is SPAM/Quarantine filters. These configurations will also to allow your email campaigns to be delivered successfully. Internally at your club, your SPAM filters will need to be configured either on your email server or if your email is web based it will have to be configured on a per account basis. This is something you will need to confer with your IT, to ensure it is setup the correct way.
Your contacts listed in your Email Marketing Module within ClubHouse Online E3 could also benefit from configuring their own SPAM/Quarantine filters. Unfortunately, there are too many email clients available to list how to configure all of them so it will be up to your contacts to configure this.
The information that both your IT and your contacts will need to configure within your/their SPAM/Quarantine filters is as follows:
Domain: mailer.clubhouseonline-e3.com
IP Address:,
If there any further questions, please contact the Web Support Department.

The contact status is Bounced, what does it mean and how do I fix this?

A bounced status indicates that there an issue with the email address and it was not able to receive one or more emails. This could be due to many reasons, examples could include but are not limited to an incorrect email address, recipients email account not active, recipients inbox full and cannot accept any emails, problem with the recipients email account/email server, and spam filters.

If the email address is proven to be correct, the contact may need to add the Email Marketing Platform as a safe sender and/or have their IT whitelist the address within their SPAM/Quarantine Filters. The following domain and IP addresses represent the Email Marketing Platform:

Domain: mailer.clubhouseonline-e3.com
IP Address:,

It is also suggested for all our Email Marketing Clients to configure the SPF record for their domain if that domain is indeed being used as the 'From' address within Emails. For more on thism please click to see the relevant question: I sent a test email to myself and I have not received it yet.

How can I check to see if a member received/opened the email I sent them?

  1. Navigate to the Contacts menu item on the left side of the Email Marketing Module and search the specific contact that you want to check for opens.
  2. Click on the email address link for the contact.
  3. Click on the “History” tab.
Each entery within a row represents an Email that was sent. The open number represents the number of times the email has been opened. Click on the number to see the approximate times.

I have added new contacts, but the Contact list number within the Contacts menu has not changed. Is this an issue?

No, this is not an issue. The contact count for the list will take a bit of time to refresh and display the correct number. You can manually refresh the contact count by using the “Refresh Counts” button at the top of the lists page.

I have a member and a spouse that shares an email address. How do I add both contacts?

Ideally, each member should have their own Account (Member Number) in the back office system alongside a unique email address. If several members share the same email address, only one of them will Export from the back office system proper along with their Field information. 

It is possible to list multiple email addresses under one account in the back office system and add them as contacts to the Email Marketing Module. However, the multiple email addresses will all have the same field information and thus reflect the Name, Dates, Member Status, Member Number, etc. of only one member.

In order to ensure that an email address contains its own field information, it must exist as a separate Account in the back office system, with a unique email address. 

I added files into the media library in email marketing, why are they not showing in my website media library?

The Media Library synchronization function is a one way street. The sync occurs from the E3 Media Library to the Email Marketing Media Library, but not the other way around. 

Files uploaded into the E3 Media Library will appear in the Email Marketing Media Library. However, if a file is uploaded to the Email Marketing Media Library only it will not appear in the E3 Media Library.

How do I set up an autoresponder that automatically sends out emails for members birthday?

By default, a members birth date will included as one of the fields that are exported from the Back Office System to the Email Marketing module. Using the information within this field, it is possible to create automated messages that will be sent to congratulate the members and/or inform of special birthday discounts. To set up a Birthday Auto Responder”

Navigate to Email Marketing and select the Autoresponders menu item
  1. Click on the New Autoresponder button at the top
  1. Select the (left hand) Recurring option as the Autoresponder Type

  1. Click on the Recurring notice autoresponder template
  2. Select the appropriate (birthday related) field on the right hand side using the drop down menu
  3. Click Next
  4. Give the Autoresponder a name at the top (this name is visible to Email Marketing users only).
  5. Click the ‘start an email button’ to create a new Email Message (if an autoresponder email message has been previously created, you may select the ‘Copy one of my existing email desing’ option)
If creating a new email message, select which editor to use (Smart Email Builder or Full Email Editor) and navigate through the 3 steps to create an email message. Click HERE [LINK] for more information regarding Email Message creation.
Once the email message is created and SAVE DRAFT is clicked, the Auto Responder configuration will become visible.
In the ‘When will this email be sent?’ category:

If you would like the email to be sent on the same day as the contacts birthday:Select ‘On the exact date’ and Send every YEAR

If you would like to adjust the amount of days before the email is sent: Select ‘Near the date’. Send X days BEFORE the date, every YEAR

The final step is to Schedule the autoresponder. Within the specific Autoresponder page click on Set Schedule

Select if the Autoresponder should be scheduled to start sending Now or on a particular date and time.
Select if the Autoresponder should be schedule to stop sending after a number of days, or on a particular date and time. Be sure to select the ‘Stop sending’ checkmark if this option is to be used.

The Autoresponder is now active. Navigate to the Autoresponder menu and select ‘Stop Schedule’ to deactivate. 

Note: an Autoresponder must be deactivated before any of its configurations can be edited.

How do I modify the footer information?

By default, the footer information will only include the email address of the recipient, the ‘Manage Preferences’, as well as the ‘Unsubscribe’ link. As such, it will not be necessary to edit it on a regular basis. Any additional information can be inserted into the bottom of the Email Message when it is being constructed/edited.
The club may have up to 3 Email footers to select from when editing their Email Campaign. A footer can be selected by clicking the “Choose Footer Message…” during the 3rd step of Edit email details:

Use the Radio button to select a Footer and click OK.
Note: The Mailing address is not included within the footer by default, but can be toggled and populated within the 3rd step of Edit email details (right next to the Choose Footer Message… button).

To add or modify the content of the footers themselves, please contact our support team.