How do I edit and resend an email campaign that has already been sent?

A successful email campaign is a result of a series of steps that are packaged together, cumulating in the successful sending of the Email Message. Once a Campaign has finished, (I.E sent to its selected recipients, as indicated by its Sent status) most of its aspects cannot be edited any longer. Instead, a Report is available to review the results of the sent campaign.
In order to re-send successfully Sent email campaign, the User will need to create a copy of it, which can then be edited and re-sent.
  1. Navigate to E3 Email Marketing Campaigns Menu
  2. Click on the name of a desired Campaign

There are two methods by which the process of Re-sending/Editing a Campaign can be initialized: by utilizing the COPY button or the RESEND button. In both cases, when an email Campaign is copied, it can be found under the Campaigns section in E3 Email Marketing with a number prefix at its end corresponding to the number of existing copies of this campaign.
For example, copying a Campaign called “Newsletter – Wellness”, will result in the copied version being named “Newsletter – Wellness – 1”. Copying it again will result in “Newsletter – Wellness – 2” and so on.

The COPY Method

The easiest way to Copy a Campaign is to click on the Copy button located at the top.

Once clicked, the following message which show at the top of the page: “Email Campaign successfully copied.” The campaign will now be found under the Campaigns section in E3 Email Marketing with a number prefix at its end corresponding to the number of existing copies of this campaign.

The copy will include all previous content from the original campaign, including recpieents, messages, and the like (excluding the Report). It is now possible edit all aspects of the newly copied campaign and Schedule as desired.

The RESEND Method

Another method by which a Campaign can be resent is by selecting the RESEND button at the top. 

Once clicked, there are three options to select from:
  • New subscribers since original email was sent on [Month / Day / Year and Time of initial campaign]
Send an email to all new contacts that were added after the original sending date of the campaign. This option will create a copy of the Campaign. This copy will automatically
Include a new Segment as part of the Campaigns Recipients, based on the date criteria from the original Campaign.
  • Original recipients that [choice of recipient action]
Send the email to recipients based on their action / non-action as it relates to the original messages. The choices appear as follows:

Did not open recipients who did not open the message
Clicked any link recipients who clicked any of the links within the message
Replied recipients who replied to the message (reply tracking must be turned on)
Soft bounced recipients who ‘Soft Bounced’ upon receiving message.
Note: When resending to recipients that did not open, it may include those that acutlaly did open it but blocked images from being displayed. This occurs due to the nature of how Opens are tracked; via a tiny pixel image that get sent back to the Email Marketing Platform when a recipient opens a message.
  • Another mailing list or segment (select recipients later)
This option creates a copy of the message and remove any associated recipients from the previous message. Allowing the user to select their own recipients rather than copying existing ones from the previous Campaign.