How do I modify the footer information?

By default, the footer information will only include the email address of the recipient, the ‘Manage Preferences’, as well as the ‘Unsubscribe’ link. As such, it will not be necessary to edit it on a regular basis. Any additional information can be inserted into the bottom of the Email Message when it is being constructed/edited.
The club may have up to 3 Email footers to select from when editing their Email Campaign. A footer can be selected by clicking the “Choose Footer Message…” during the 3rd step of Edit email details:

Use the Radio button to select a Footer and click OK.
Note: The Mailing address is not included within the footer by default, but can be toggled and populated within the 3rd step of Edit email details (right next to the Choose Footer Message… button).

To add or modify the content of the footers themselves, please contact our support team.