How do I set up an autoresponder that automatically sends out emails for members birthday?

By default, a members birth date will included as one of the fields that are exported from the Back Office System to the Email Marketing module. Using the information within this field, it is possible to create automated messages that will be sent to congratulate the members and/or inform of special birthday discounts. To set up a Birthday Auto Responder”

Navigate to Email Marketing and select the Autoresponders menu item
  1. Click on the New Autoresponder button at the top
  1. Select the (left hand) Recurring option as the Autoresponder Type

  1. Click on the Recurring notice autoresponder template
  2. Select the appropriate (birthday related) field on the right hand side using the drop down menu
  3. Click Next
  4. Give the Autoresponder a name at the top (this name is visible to Email Marketing users only).
  5. Click the ‘start an email button’ to create a new Email Message (if an autoresponder email message has been previously created, you may select the ‘Copy one of my existing email desing’ option)
If creating a new email message, select which editor to use (Smart Email Builder or Full Email Editor) and navigate through the 3 steps to create an email message. Click HERE [LINK] for more information regarding Email Message creation.
Once the email message is created and SAVE DRAFT is clicked, the Auto Responder configuration will become visible.
In the ‘When will this email be sent?’ category:

If you would like the email to be sent on the same day as the contacts birthday:Select ‘On the exact date’ and Send every YEAR

If you would like to adjust the amount of days before the email is sent: Select ‘Near the date’. Send X days BEFORE the date, every YEAR

The final step is to Schedule the autoresponder. Within the specific Autoresponder page click on Set Schedule

Select if the Autoresponder should be scheduled to start sending Now or on a particular date and time.
Select if the Autoresponder should be schedule to stop sending after a number of days, or on a particular date and time. Be sure to select the ‘Stop sending’ checkmark if this option is to be used.

The Autoresponder is now active. Navigate to the Autoresponder menu and select ‘Stop Schedule’ to deactivate. 

Note: an Autoresponder must be deactivated before any of its configurations can be edited.