How do include a PDF file in my email campaign?

Before a PDF file can be linked within an email message, its URL address needs to obtained so that it can be inserted as Link. To obtain the URL address for a PDF file please use the following steps.

In order to obtain the URL address it is usually required to navigate to another portion of website. Thus, if you are currently in the process of editing a campaign, please save before continuing. (if using the Full Editor, selecting the "INSERT > FROM MEDIA LIBRARY" button  button in the WYSIWYG will provide a shortcut to the Media Library)
  1. Navigate to the Media Library within the Email Marketing module.
  2. Right click on the PDF file and select “Copy URL”.

  1. In the pop-up box that appears, highlight the URL address. Next, use Ctrl+C or Right Click Mouse button > copy to copy the URL to the clipboard.
  1. Navigate to the desired Campaign where the PDF is to be linked, and Edit its email message.
  2. Enter the desired text to be linked within the email message and/or highlight its contents.
  3. Click the “insert link” button in the WYSIWYG editor above.

  1. In the “Link URL” field, use either Ctrl+V or right click mouse button and Paste to paste the URL that was copied from the media library
  2. Click the “Insert” button.
The text may now display in different formatting, indicating it is linked.

Note: Files that have been uploaded thorugh the website media library will be automatically added to the email marketring media library and files that have been uploaded to through the ema9il marketing media library will not automatically be added to the website media library.