I sent a test email to myself and I have not yet received it.

The email may have been placed in your junk/spam folder or is being blocked by spam filters or a quarantine. Our recommendation is to configure the SPF record and/or whitelist the appropriate domain.

With the growing concern of email marketing misuse and SPAM email systems being setup, additional security precautions have been enacted by the majority of businesses and email service providers. One of these precautions that has become quite prominent is an SPF Record verification. SPF stands for ‘Sender Policy Framework’ and essentially outlines who has the authority to send e-mails on behalf of your domain. With any e-mail marketing service, you have the ability to state who is sending the email. This is typically identified in the “From” address of the message. The message itself though will not be originating from your domain but will actually be sent from mail servers belonging to the email marketing provider. In this case, the ClubHouse Online E3 servers are actually distributing your email marketing campaigns to your members. That being said the “From” address you are using most likely belongs to your club.
To ensure your message will not be blocked by this verification check, you will need to have an SPF record setup for your domain. This configuration will need to completed by the Administrator for your domain or by your IT team. Below is the record that will need to be setup on your domain:
[Club name]  IN TXT "v=spf1 mx a ip4: ip4: include:mailer.clubhouseonline-e3.com -all"
Once this record has been configured on your domain it will take approximately 24 hours to propagate. You can confirm that this record has been put in place by following these steps:
  1. In a web browser navigate to centralops.net
  2. Under Domain Dossier, enter in your club domain name
  3. Click on GO
  4. This will display your domain profile. Scroll to the bottom of the profile
The bottom of the profile will display all the DNS records that have been setup for your domain. You will be looking for the same entry that is listed above. An example of how it will appear is displayed below

The other security precaution that you will need to account for is SPAM/Quarantine filters. These configurations will also to allow your email campaigns to be delivered successfully. Internally at your club, your SPAM filters will need to be configured either on your email server or if your email is web based it will have to be configured on a per account basis. This is something you will need to confer with your IT, to ensure it is setup the correct way.
Your contacts listed in your Email Marketing Module within ClubHouse Online E3 could also benefit from configuring their own SPAM/Quarantine filters. Unfortunately, there are too many email clients available to list how to configure all of them so it will be up to your contacts to configure this.
The information that both your IT and your contacts will need to configure within your/their SPAM/Quarantine filters is as follows:
Domain: mailer.clubhouseonline-e3.com
IP Address:,
If there any further questions, please contact the Web Support Department.