The contact status is Bounced, what does it mean and how do I fix this?

A bounced status indicates that there an issue with the email address and it was not able to receive one or more emails. This could be due to many reasons, examples could include but are not limited to an incorrect email address, recipients email account not active, recipients inbox full and cannot accept any emails, problem with the recipients email account/email server, and spam filters.

If the email address is proven to be correct, the contact may need to add the Email Marketing Platform as a safe sender and/or have their IT whitelist the address within their SPAM/Quarantine Filters. The following domain and IP addresses represent the Email Marketing Platform:

IP Address:,

It is also suggested for all our Email Marketing Clients to configure the SPF record for their domain if that domain is indeed being used as the 'From' address within Emails. For more on thism please click to see the relevant question: I sent a test email to myself and I have not received it yet.