How to Create a Segment in EMM

Segments filter contacts based on criteria you specify, which helps you more accurately send targeted email campaigns to appropriate contacts, such as those that will receive the most value from it. Providing relevant content to a focused group of contacts builds strong customer relationships.
  1. Click Lists and Segments in the left navigation menu
  2. Click the orange New Segment button found on the top of the page
  3. In Step 1, select the Filter type in the drop down list available: Email Action, Form Submission, Contact Field, Segment/Mailing List, Workflow
    • Email Action: Filters contacts who performed an action within an email campaign during a specific time period
    • Form Submission: Filters contacts who subscribed or updated their information in a form
    • Contact Field: Filters contacts whose field matches a specified value
  4. Press Add filter to create a new filter or Remove filter to delete it
  5. When there are multiple filters, you may choose to connect them with an AND or OR logic operator. Choosing AND will check to see if contacts match all of the filters created and OR will check to see if contacts match at least one filter
  6. Click Next to be taken to Step 2
  7. Enter a name for the segment in the Segment name text box
  8. Click Finish to save your segment