How to Set a Campaign to be Part of a Workflow in EMM

  1. Click Campaigns on the left navigation menu and click on the campaign name to be taken to the Email Summary page
  2. Click the Edit Details button found to the left of the email design thumbnail
  3. You will be taken to Step 3 of the campaign and on this page, right above the More Options section, click the checkbox next to "This email campaign will be part of a workflow" 
  4. Click Save Draft on the top right corner of this screen to save your changes
  5. Click Workflows on the left navigation menu
  6. Click on your workflow name to be taken to the Workflow Summary page
  7. Click the Edit button on the top of this page to edit your workflow
  8. In the Workflow Editor, drag the Send Email icon from the toolkit to the canvas 
  9. Drag the arrow from the Trigger to the Send Email icon then from the Send Email icon to the Exit 
  10. Double click on the Send Email icon to open the "Select an email campaign" window 
  11. Select the campaign you want to send out from this workflow by clicking the checkbox next to the campaign name
  12. Click the Select button on the bottom right corner of this window
  13. Click Save Design to save your workflow or Save Design & Exit to save and exit