Top 5 Reasons Your Site Needs a Responsive Design


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These online power sessions are geared to help maximize your website performance and email marketing efforts.
Our belief is that everyone can build a strong online presence with hard work and some help.


(All times are Eastern Standard Time, EST)

October - Responsive Design

Top 5 Reasons Your Site Needs a Responsive Design

This 30-minute session will provide 5 solid reasons why you should switch your website to Responsive Design platform in 2017. Looking at real-world scenarios and future-proofing your content for the mobile age.

Wednesday, October 11th 2:00pm Register
Wednesday, October 18th 10:00am Register

November - Refining Website Copy

4 Rules for Refining Website Copy

This 30-minute session will discuss four simple rules to make your web copy SEO friendly, scannable, and prompt your users to take action. Strategies will include ideal text length, effective headings, using lists and calls to action.

Wednesday, November 15th 10:00am Register
Wednesday, November 22nd 2:00pm Register