Viewing the Court Scheduler

In order for a member to complete a Court Booking, they will need to access the Court Scheduler to view the available time slots. The Court Scheduler page is generated based on the parameters that have been configured in Activity Management/Encore. The Court Scheduler will display the following information to your members:


Configured in Activity Management/Encore as Activity Types, the Court Scheduler will display all Sports associated with Court Booking across the top of the page. Clicking on the various options that are available, your members will able to check availability through various facilities

                                    Days of the Week

Listed just below the avaialble Sports is the Days of the Week. Each day will display the available time slots that have been permitted for bookings based on the Court Privilege settings. The Days of the Week displayed on the Court Scheduler follow a 'rolling 8 days' display. Selecting a day further down in the week, will reset the days of the week to show you the 6 days after your selection.

Availability Calendar

The Availability Calendar will afford your members the abiltiy to see more than just a few days ahead, but will allow them to see all the days in a given month. Selecting a day in the Availabilty Calendar will display what is available on the Court Scheduler as well as reset the Days of the Week to start with your selection.

Booking Length

When you members are selecting an available time slot on the Court Scheduler page, the area highlight by their mouse is dicated by the Booking Length that has been set. The Booking Length options for your members are located underneath the Days of the Week on the Court Scheduler page. The options visible here are dictated by the Minimum and Maximum time slots configured within the Court Type.

Court Type

The Court Types that are configured in Activity Managment/Encore and are available for Court Booking, are displayed on the Court Scheduler as well. When a member clicks on a particular Court Type, they will see all the available Courts (Facilities) that are available and the Booking Length available time slots that are associatated with them. The Court Types are located underneath the Days of the Week and next to the  on the Court Scheduler page.

Courts (Facilities)

Each Court Type is associated with a number of Courts Facilities within Activity Management/Encore. From the Court Scheduler page, clicking on a particular Court Type will display all the Court Facilities assciated with it. These Courts are what you members will be completing the Court Bookings against.

Note: As an Administrator all Courts will be listed as Unavailable. Only members are able to complete bookings from the Court Scheduler page.