How to Book a Dining Reservation

When members navigate to the Dining module online, they will be presented with the search interface to find available booking times. From this interface, members will be able to choose their desired Date, Time, Party Size, and Room in order locate available reservation times.

In order to complete a Dining Reservation online you will need to follow these steps:
  1. Select your desired Date
  2. Select your desired Time
  3. Select your desired Party Size
  4. Select your desired Room (optional)

​Note: Click on the Select All button if you wish to see available times from all rooms.
  1. Once you have selected all of your preferences, click on the Find Available Times button to intiate the search
  2. From the search results you will be able see the available times for each Room
  1. Click on your desired time located for the specific Dining Room
  2. Enter any notes regarding the booking if necessary
  3. Click on the Complete Reservation button
Once the booking has been completed, you will be presented with a Confirmation Screen which will display the following information:

Reservation Details

  • Date
  • Time
  • Confirmation #
  • Party Size
  • Room
  • Request/Notes

Reservation Options

  • Send Email: This option will allow you to send the reservation details to an email address of your choosing
  • Add to Calendar: This option will allow you to download a calendar file to inserted into the scheduling application of your choosing
  • Cancel Booking: This option will allow you to cancel the booking that was just completed