Manage My Dining Reservations

By clicking on the My Bookings tab within the Dining Module, members can view upcoming dining reservations that were made online from the website or in house with an administrator at the club. Below is an example of the reservation details that a member will see for each booking. By clicking on the Right Arrow or on any part of the reservation details, the member will be taken to the Reservation Confirmation screen.

Reservation Options

In the Reservation Confirmation screen, members will have access to the following reservation options: Send Email, Add to Calendar, Cancel Booking and Make Another Reservation. Each reservation option is explained in more detail below.


Note: Dining Reservations cannot be updated online. All updates can be completed within Jonas Activity Management/Encore or the member can cancel their reservation and book again.

Send Email 

This option will allow you to send the reservation details to an email address of your choosing.

  1. Click Send Email
    • The subject line and body of the message will be pre-populated in your default email with your dining reservation details
  2. Add email address(es) or additional information to the body of the email
  3. Click Send when the message is ready to be delivered

Add to Calendar 

This option will allow you to download a calendar file to be inserted into the scheduling application of your choosing.

  1. Click Add to Calendar link
  2. The appointment.ics file will appear on your screen when the download is complete
  3. When you open the .ics file it will give you the option to add to the calendar

Ex. The file showed up in the bottom left corner of the screen and the default program opened in MS Outlook.

Cancel Booking

This option will allow you to cancel any bookings that have been made on the website or at the club. 
  1. Click on Cancel Booking
  2. Click Yes, Cancel in the Cancel Reservation box

Once you have clicked yes to the confirmation prompt, the My Bookings screen will refresh and your reservation will be removed. An Email Confirmation will be sent to the owner of the booking advising them of the cancelled reservation, as long as email notifications are in place.

Make Another Reservation

Members can make another dining reservation online.
  1. Click on Make Another Reservation or the Dining Reservation tab 
  2. Select the criteria to search for a dining reservation availability and complete your booking. For more details see Making a Dining Reservation.