Configuring an Event Detailed Registration

Setting up an event with a Detailed Registration type, will require that members register for an event, must enter in a Full Name for every registrant that will be attending the event. These registrants include both Members and/or Guests.

In order to complete the setup of Detailed Registration you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Select either Registration and Pricing or Registration Only.
  2. Under Registration Type, select 'Detailed'.
  3. Set the Start and End time for Registration.
Note: The Registration Start time must be at least 24 hours prior to the start of the event, and the Registration End time must be no later than the Start time of the event.
  1. Under the Capacity section select the total number of registrants the event will allow by setting the 'Event Attendance Limit'.
  2. Select the total number of registrants allowed per each booking made by setting the 'Booking Attendance Limit'.
  3. Select the minimum total number of registrants required for the event to take place by setting the 'Minimum Booking Attendance Limit'.
Note: If the 'Minimum Booking Attendance Limit' Is not met by the end of the registration period, the event will be automatically cancelled.
  1. Create any desired Booking Questions you wish to add to the event by clicking on the 'Add question' button under the 'Booking Questions' section.
  2. Create any desired Individual Questions you wish to add to the event by selecting the 'Individual Questions' tab an then clicking on 'Add question' button under the 'Booking Questions' section.
Note: Please navigate to the following page for more info on How to Create Event Questions.
  1. Select the type of Registrant Category you wish to add to the event and the choose the corresponding Registrant Categories from the dropdown.
Note: Please click on the following link for more info on How to Select Registrant Categories.
  1. Select if you wish to add EarlyBird Pricing to your event.
    • Enabling this option will allow you to choose how many hours or days before the event Earlybird pricing ends.
Note: For information on how to configure Earlybird Pricing click here to learn How to Select Registrant Categories.
  1. Once you are satisfied with the Registration settings for your event click on Save if you wish to continue configuring event, or click on Save & Publish if you are ready for the event to go live.

When a member goes to make a booking for an event that is set as a Detailed Registration type, they would have to enter the names of the people that are in their booking. When inputting the names of their guests' the member can choose to enter the email address for that person if they wish the guest to receive notification emails for the event.