How to Filter the Event Calendar

Members have the ability to customize their view of the Event Calendar page by filtering the search results.

  • A Member can type in the name of the event in the search box and search for that event. Clicking on the reset button will reset the search results and member will be able to see all the events.
  • Unchecking 'Events w/o Reg or Reg Full' will hide any events that do not have registrations or registration is full or the event is in the past (except for events that the member has registered for). Unchecking Event Times will hide Event Times from appearing on the calendar and unchecking Tee Times will hide the Tee Times from the calendar (if the club has the Tee Time module and the member has made bookings in the Tee Time module).
  • Member can also filter out Events that either allow or do not allow guests by clicking on the Guests drop down. Member can also click on the Gender drop down to filter events that have a gender restriction in place.
  • Members are also able to filter events based upon the various Categories that were created in the back end.
  • Members can also filter events based upon the various Locations that were created in the back end.