How to Filter the Event Calendar

Members have the ability to customize their view of the Event Calendar page by utilizing the search feature or using the calendar Filters.

Searching for Events

The event search will allow you to locate events within the selected month whose name matches/shares your criteria. Simply type in a portion or full name of the event you're looking for and the calendar will update to show you the events closest to your entry.

Calendar Filters

The other option to customize the calendar is with the calendar filters. These filters will allow you to dictate the specific criteria of events you wish to see displayed in the Event Calendar. Simply click on the Filter link to display the available Filters:

Registration Status

This will filter will either display all events within the calendar or only the ones which are registerable. 

Show Event Time

This feature will all you to control whether the start time of the visible events is displayed or not.


Event Times On

Event Times Off

Booking Types

The Bookings Types filter will allow any other bookings/registrations that you have made to be displayed on their respective date within the calendar.

  • Tee Time Bookings
  • Court Reservations
  • Dining Reservations
  • Lessons Bookings
Note: All future bookings/registrations that appear in the calendar will also be displayed under the My Bookings tab.


The Locations filter will allow you to only display events that occur at one or multiple locations at the club. To adjust this filter, place the check mark next to the desired locations to see only those events displayed in the calendar. Clicking on the All Locations button will auto-check or uncheck all the available locations.

Note: The default setting for this filter is to display all locations.


The Categories filter will display only events whose event category match the criteria selected. Simply click on the Categories filter to display the available categories and place a check mark next to the Categories of events you wish to have displayed in the Event Calendar.


The Guests filter will allow you display events that allow or disallow guest registrants. To see all events regardless of allowed or disallowed guest registrants, this filter should be left at No preference.


The Birthday filter allows other member's Birthdays to be displayed or not be displayed within the Event Calendar.

Note: If the club has chosen to hide birthdays from the Event Calendar, this filter may not be available. Members also have the ability to hide their birthdays from others within their personal Roster Profile.


The Gender filter allows you to display events that have been restricted to a specific gender. In order to display all events irrespective of gender restrictions, this filter should be left at No preference.

The Reset button allows you reset all of the Calendar Filters to their default settings as dictated by the club.