How to Make a Tee Time Group Reservation

Booking a group reservation or request, is similar to booking a regular reservation or request, with the additional functionality of booking multiple tee times simultaneously. To access the Group Booking section click on the Group Booking menu item on the Tee Sheet. For more information on how to do so on dekstop or mobile visit Viewing The Online Tee Sheet

Group Reservations

Search for available tee times or view a sheet by following the same steps outlined in Viewing The Online Tee Sheet. Once the system has returned the results, select the tee times you wish to book by checking the checkboxes adjacent to the time. Click the BOOK GROUP button located in the top-middle of the Tee Sheet. Once the tee times have been locked, the player details can be added to the group booking. Each tee time group in the group booking is contained within its own box and only one group can be edited at a time. The user making the reservation will be added as Player One to the first group in the group booking – which is the first group edited. Add players to the group using the ADD MEMBER or ADD GUEST selection.

For more on adding players to reservations, see How to make a Tee Time Reservation. To add a Buddy or Group, click on ADD BUDDIES & GROUPS item and select the desired Group or Buddy. Groups that are too large to fit in the entire group booking will not be displayed for the user to select.
When adding a group booking and adding a group from within Buddies and Groups, a single group of 4 players can be added to that tee time you are editing, or a larger group can be added to fill in the other tee times selected in the group booking. In essence, if a group booking consisted of three tee times, a group made up of 11 players can be added once, and all three times will be automatically filled in.

Please see How to Configure My Buddies and Groups section for more information on creating groups and adding players to the buddy list.