How to Make a Tee Time Request

To start booking a request, users must click on an available tee time request (eg. REQUEST 8:00AM). Once chosen, the procedures for Requests are very similar to making a reservation. The added options specify the earliest acceptable tee time, latest acceptable tee time, waiting list in the event the request isn't processed, and lastly the ability to allow other members to add themselves as players to your tee time request.

Review the steps for How to Make a Tee Time Reservation for more information on adding players to a booking.

Make Tee Time Lottery Request Page

  • Acceptable Time Range: A request is only the desire to play at a certain time in a day. However once the lottery is ran, there is a limited chance a player received the exact time requested. Therefore, the system will ask the user what theearliest and the latest time they can play is, to ensure the player gets a tee time they can attend.
  • Add to Wait List: If the user does not get a time, this option will ensure they are placed on the Wait List so the club can review ineligible requests at a later date. It is strongly recommended that Club's default this option, as a request that is not processed during the Lottery will get deleted permanently unless it is placed on the wait list.

  • Who is allowed to add themselves: a user booking a request can allow other buddies or members to add themselves to this request. The selection can be "No One", "My Buddies" or "Any member"

If John Ackerman would like to play with Roger Smith then he would need to create a new request for the same time for himself. However, when lottery is distributed there is no guarantee that both Roger Smith and John Ackerman will get the time they requested. Therefore, Tee Time Reservations allows John Ackerman to add himself as a player in Roger's request, ensuring that tee time given to Roger will also include John Ackerman.

Note: Each player does not receive an email in this instance. If the club is using J-Mail, players will receive an email confirmation of their tee time once the Lottery is completed and their request has been processed.