How to Make a Tee Time Reservation

A tee time booking can be made by clicking an available tee time, or by selecting the QUICK BOOK option next to it. Please see outlined steps for each method below.
  • Regular Reservation
  • Quick Book Reservation

How To Make a Regular Reservation

  1. Locate an available Tee Time slot by searching for or navigating to a specific day. See Viewing the Online Tee Sheet for instructions on browsing the tee sheet.
  2. Click on an available time slot (i.e. 8:45AM) to begin the booking process. The specific time will become 'locked' and unavailable for other users, the booking user will have a designated amount of minutes to complete the tee time booking.
  3. If desired, modify the TIME of the reservation or HOLE numbers (if applicable) using the associated drop downs.
  4. Add players to the reservation by clicking ADD MEMBER, ADD GUEST or ADD TBD (if applicable) or ADD BUDDIES & GROUPS.
Add Member: Upon selection, begin typing the desired members name in the 'Search members' field. The platform will show matching member names below the search bar. Click the + sign beside the associated member name to add them to the booking. Add Guest: Upon selection, enter the first and last names of the Guest, include an Email address if desired. Click ADD to save the entry.
Add TBD: A 'to be determined' player is inserted. No further selection required.

Add Buddies and Groups: Upon selection, a new section appears listing the relatives, buddies, and groups associated with the user. Click on the + icon to add the desired player or group to add players to the booking.
  1. Clicking the PLAYER OPTIONS button associated with each player will display additional options such as Transportation, Caddy, or Rental Clubs. Click on the drop down of each selection to view and select the desired option for each player.
  2. Once ready to complete the reservation, click on BOOK NOW at the bottom of the booking window (or at the top right) to complete the tee time reservation. If applicable, each player will receive an email confirmation of their tee time. 
  3. Upon successful booking, the message "Booking Complete - You've booked a tee time" is visible. The details of the booking are found within this section with additional options to email, save to calendar, or edit the booking. The booking can now be viewed/edited under the MY BOOKINGS tab. 

Quick Book Reservation

Quick Book allows the user to pre-populate a tee time using predefined tee time groups or To Be Determined Players. To Be Determined Players, or TBD’s, allow members to make reservations without the need for entering a member or guest name. Clubs have the option to enable or disable TBD player entry within Tee Time Reservation Settings. 

To make a Quick Booking:

  1. Locate an available Tee Time slot by searching for or navigating to a specific day. See Viewing the Online Tee Sheet for instructions on browsing the tee sheet.
  2. Click on the QUICK BOOK button next to the available Tee Time. A new set of options becomes available.
  3. The left side within the quick book section allows for the selection of number of players (yourself, 2 Players, 3 Players, etc.). Selecting this option will populate the reservation with the corresponding amount of players selected. Each select is set as To Be Determined (TBD), if applicable.
  4. The right side of the quick book section, allows for the quick selection of pre-created groups created by the specific user. Selecting a group will automatically populate their names within the player selection of the reservation.
  5. Once a number of players or a Group is selected, the user is directed to the tee time reservation screen with the associated selection pre-populated. The user can manage the available players/options (see step 4 under How To Make A Regular Reservation) or click BOOK NOW to confirm reservation.