Manage My Tee Time Reservations

Users can manage their associated Tee Time reservations by clicking the My Bookings tab at the top of the Tee Times platform page. Using this section, members can review, edit and cancel their tee time reservation booking (if applicable), as well as print, add to calendar, and email the reservation details to a desired contact.

To access the section on a DESKTOP type screen, click MY BOOKINGS tab located at the top of the Online Tee Times module.To access the section on a MOBILE type screen, click on the Tee Times Mobile menu icon () - represented by three vertical dots - and select MY BOOKINGS By default, the My Bookings section shows an overview of the tee time bookings associated with the user including the details of the reservation; time, course, players, and other related details. To access additional details, cancel, or edit the reservation, click or tap anywhere on the reservation.Within the window of the specific Tee Time reservations, the user may perform the following actions: Edit Booking, Cancel Booking, Print Confirmation, Sync to Calendar, Email. Each option is outlined in further detail below.
  • Edit Booking: If applicable, the member can edit their reservation to remove existing players, add new players, modify time of reservation, enter notes, as well as modify the player/transportation options for reach registrant. Once clicked, the user will be brought back to the reservation booking screen.

Note: See How to make a Tee Time Reservation for further details on how to modify the registration.

  • When finished editing the reservation, click UPDATE BOOKING to save the associated changes. If applicable, an email will be sent to the players to advise them of the modifications.

  • Cancel Booking: This option may not appear in all cases as not all reservations are configured for cancellations. To click a reservation, click on the CANCEL BOOKING item. Next, click on the YES CANCEL button to confirm the cancellation. A Green prompt appears confirming the cancellation. If applicable, an email is sent to the players advising them of the cancellation.
  • Print Confirmation: Selecting this option will generate a printable sheet with the dertails of the reservation, including golf course, date, time, confirmation number, the player options associated with each registrant.
  • Sync to Calendar: When selected, this option generates a standard .ICS (calendar type) file. If applicable, the user may be asked what program should be used to open the file. Alternatively, the .ICS will download as a file, allowing the user to upload the file to their desired calendar program.
  • Email: This option generates an email. message using the users default email program (or based on selection). The subject line and description are generated automatically based on the details of the Tee Time Reservation.