Member Registration Process

  1. Log into the website
  2. Navigate to a Tee Sheet using the Tee Time module or an Event using the Calendar module
  3. Click on the:
    • Tee Sheet Method: Register / View Tournament button from the Tee Sheet
    • Calendar Method: Event Name from the Event Calendar
  4.  This will take the member to the Event View window 
    • Tee Sheet Method: this will open in a new browser window
    • Calendar Method: this will open as a pop up within the same screen
  5. In the Event View window, click on the blue Register button

  1. Enter the names of the Members and/or Guests to be included in the tournament:
    • To add a member: click on Member and type in first or last name then click on the member's name from the drop down list, or use the rolodex on the right to search for a member
    • To add a guest: click on Guest and type in first and last name (email address is optional)
    • Buddies tab: a member can select members and/or guests from pre-created buddies or group lists
  2. Notes (optional): a member can add notes to their booking 
  3. Click on the Register button (if there are questions set up, the Continue button will be displayed in place of Register)

  1. If there are questions, please answer all questions that are applicable for each registrant (* indicates a question is mandatory to answer before registration can be completed)
  2. Click on Register button to complete the Tournament Registration

The tournament registration is now complete. A pop up window will provide the member with their confirmation number and booking details. An email notification with the same information will be sent to the member if email notifications have been enabled.

Edit or Cancel the Reservation

When the member logs into the website and navigates to the Tee Times or Calendar module they will be able to see any same day or future dated tournament reservations found under the My Bookings Tab. A member has the ability to update their registration or cancel their reservation online without having to contact the club.