How to Register a Member

In order for a member to log into the website they will need to register their member account to have it associated with a user account online. Members can register their own accounts by following the Member Registration Process or an administrator can register their account on their behalf. Administrators can register a member by following these steps:

  1. Click Register Member at the top left of the Users page
  2. The member registration page will show members that are not currently registered for the website. Utilizing the search functionality at the top left of the page, administrators can locate a member using the following search criteria:
    • First Name
    • Last Name Starts
    • Member Number
    • Member Status
  3. Click Search
  4. Click on the Create account link under User Account which will direct you to the user creation screen
  5. From the user creation screen review and set the following items:
    • Username: by default this will be pre-populated with the member's first initial and last name. This can be modified or left as is
    • First & Last name: this can only be updated in the club's A/R system
    • E-mail:
      • Choose the email address that the member would like to use for communication from the website (password resets and email confirmations)
      • If there is no email address listed, enter in an email address to have it associated with the user account. This new email address will be updated as the 'Home email address' on the website and in your club's A/R system.
      • If the email address is incorrect:
        1. Log in to the club's A/R system to make the changes and save
        2. Navigate back to the register member screen and search for the member again
        3. Ensure the correct email is now chosen (note that it may take a few minutes for the change to process on the website)
    • Send "Set Password" e-mail to the member:
      • Check to send the member an email with a link to set their password (preferred method)
      • Uncheck so an email will not be sent to the member, and an administrator can set their password instead
  6. Click Save 
    • If you checked send email, the member will receive an auto-generated email providing their username and a link to set their password
    • If you unchecked send email, follow the Reset Password instructions above