How to Send a User a Password Reset

If a member is not receiving the password reset email, administrators have the ability to confirm that the email address on file is correct and send the member a password reset email that contains a link for the member to change their password. To send a new password:

  1. Enter the search criteria in the User search field provided
    • Search criteria is based on entering in the User name, Full Name, Email Address or Member Number
  2. Click Search
  3. Click on the pencil icon to the left of their username - this will take you to the user profile
  4. Confirm that the username and/or email address is correct (based on what information they are being requested to enter for a password reset)
    • If the email address is incorrect:
      1. Log in to the club's A/R system to make the changes and save
      2. Navigate back to Users and search for the member again
      3. Ensure the correct email is now chosen (note that it may take a few minutes for the change to process on the website)
  5. Click Save if any changes were made
  6. Click Send new password. This will send the member an auto-generated email providing their username and a link to set their password.

This is what the email will look like: