How to Setup Login Configuration

The Login Configuration section of Company Management will allow you to determine which members can and cannot log in to your ClubHouse Online website. Administrators will also have the ability to set password guidelines and requirements for user accounts.

Password Configuration

The Password Configuration section of the Login Configuration allows you to establish the guidelines User's will need to follow in order to setup a password for their account. From this section you will be able to configure the Minimum Length, Complexity and the Sender Email parameters for your site.

Minimum Length

The minimum length parameter represents the minimum number of characters a user will have to enter in order to create a password for their account.


The drop-down menu allows Administrators to dictate the minimum requirements with respect to the composition of users’ passwords. The following settings are available:
  • None - There are no requirements for the User's password except of the Minimum Length
  • Letters - The User's password must have at least one letter
  • Numbers - The User's password must have at least one number
  • Alphanumeric - The User's password must have at least one letter and one number
  • Complex - The User's password must have at least one letter, one number and at least one special character


This is a measurement of how difficult your User's passwords will be to decipher. This measurement is based on the Minimum Length and Complexity settings you have configured. Depending on your settings the following results can be displayed:

  • Excellent - Extremely difficult for someone to guess.
  • Great - Moderately difficult for someone to guess.
  • Average - Relatively easy for someone to guess.
  • Weak - Easy for someone to guess.
  • Very Weak - Extremely easy for someone to guess.

Sender Email

This parameter will allow you specify which email will be listed as the 'From' address when a password reset email is received by a user.

Password Reset Configuration

The Password Reset Configuration consists of parameters pertaining to the Password Reset Email that can be sent to Users. The parameters that can be configured for the Password Reset Email are the Password Reset Expiration, The Password Reset Requirement and the  Password Reset Failure Message 

Password Reset Expiration

This parameter will allow you to configure how many days after a password reset is requested, that the reset link will expire and a new one would need to be requested.

Note: Once the link within the password reset email is clicked on, the link automatically expires and cannot be used again.

Password Reset Requirement

The Password Reset Requirement allows you to choose one of the two methods available for resetting a user's password. The two options available are:
  1. Username - Users will be required to enter in their Username as exactly as they would normally login, in order to have the password reset email sent to the email address that is attached to their User account.
  2. User Email Address - Users will be required to enter in the email address that is attached to their User account in order to have the password reset email sent to that address.

Password Reset Failure Message

When a user fails to reset their password, they are provided a generic message advising "There is a problem with your account. Please contact your System Administrator to have your password reset". You have the ability to create a custom message and provide your users more detailed instructions to have their password reset. DO NOT check the user Custom Message box.

Instead of editing in this small Message box please follow these instructions. (Please save any changes made on the Login Configuration screen first)

  • Click on the House icon at the top left to switch back to the Dashboard
  • Click on Pages
  • Click on the ResetPassword page in the Content Tree
  • Click in the Error Message Dotted line box
  • Customize your message
  • Click on Save and then Publish

A template will already be set up for you to customize with your club information. If for any reason the template isn't there you can copy the text included here.

Password Reset
We are experiencing an issue resetting your password.  Please email or call xxx-xxx-xxxx for assistance to have your password reset. 

Note: Providing a method of contact for users who are unable to reset their password will alleviate much confusion on their part.

Mobile Configuration

The Mobile Configuration section will allow you to establish where visitors to your site will be directed to when utilizing a mobile device. There are two parameters that can be configured within this section.

Home page

This will allow you to enter in the URL that visitors to your site will be directed to when they utilizing a mobile device(i.e. Smartphone, Tablet, Wearable). An alternate page within your mobile site can be configured here or an alternate site's url.

Disable Redirection

This will prevent visitors to your site from being redirected to your mobile site when navigated from a mobile device. All users will be directed the Desktop version of your site instead.

Note: If the Disable Redirection option is enabled, Users will not be able to access the mobile member modules.

Login Filtering

The Login Filters will allow you to prevent certain members from accessing authenticated content or member modules based on either their Member Status or Dues Class. Each of the two filters contain all of the Member Statuses and all of the Dues Classes that are listed within your club's A/R system. Any Member Status or Dues Class that is checked within either of the filters, will prevent any corresponding members from logging into the website.

   Note: If a member was previously able to register and login to the website, but their status or dues class was updated in your Club Management System to match one of the filtered criteria, they will no longer be able to log in to the website.