Member Registration Process

In order for a member to login to the website, they will have to register on the website first. Once a member has registered for the website they will have access to the members only area. Listed below is the member registration process as well as some common issues with corresponding solutions that your membership may encounter during the registration process.
Note: your club's login section might look different depending on the website design.
To register for the website, the member will navigate to the login page and click on the Member Registration button.

Member Validation

This will take your member to the Member Validation screen.

There are 3 mandatory fields that have to be validated in order for the member to complete the validation process: Member Number, First Name and Last Name. This information will be validated against information that is currently in your accounting system. This should match exactly as it appears on the member's last statement, otherwise the member will not be able to register successfully. Once this information has been entered, the member will click Validate. See below for an example.
Note: During the set up process there are additional optional questions that can be enabled to increase the security for the registration process. The data for these also have to match exactly as it appears in your accounting system, so most clubs choose not to add it to the validation process.

Member Registration

This will take your member to the Member Registration screen.
  • The member will be prompted to create a username and password
  • They will also be prompted to select an email address in a drop-down list which will be used for future correspondence from the website i.e. Reset Password emails, Registration Confirmation emails etc. If the member does not have an email address in the accounting system, they will be able to enter one now, and that email address will be transfered to the accounting system
  • Explanation text will appear when a member hovers their mouse over each field and will state the guidelines for each field (the guidelines seen below may differ for your club). Once the member has filled out every field, they will click Create User

Email Confirmation

Upon successful registration, an email notification will be sent to the email address entered during the registration process. For assistance on configuring the email notification and/or setting the sender's email address visit Configuring Provisioning Settings.

Edit Profile

After your member has registered for the website they will be re-directed to the Edit My Profile page of the Roster. For more information on this page visit Editing My Personal Info.

Common Issues


If the information entered does not match exactly as seen in the accounting system, the member will receive an error indicating that the member information is incorrect.
  1. Member Number and Name Verification: the member is entering in their Member Number or Name incorrectly. It must match your member file exactly, but it is NOT case sensitive
    • Member Number: it's quite common that the member forgot to enter the leading zeros (Ex:35 was entered instead of 0035) or if it is a spouse or dependent account they forgot to add the trailing letter. (Ex: 0035 instead of 0035A or 0035B)
    • First Name: some clubs include the middle initial in the name field and if the member didn't know to include it in the validation, then it would generate an error (Ex:John was entered instead of John A.)
    • First Name: sometimes each family only has one member number and the primary member and spouse are both in the First Name field. (Ex:John was entered instead of John and Anne) 
    • Last Name: sometimes a suffix may have been added in this field instead of the First Name field (Ex:Ackerman was entered instead of Ackerman Jr.)
  2. Club Status Verification: the member is assigned the incorrect status in the accounting system or has a status which is blocked (denied) access to the website. For more information on the Login Status Filtering visit How to Setup Login Configuration
  1. Online Roster Verification: the member has not been uploaded to the Online Roster (this is a rare situation). For more information on how to run a Roster Sync visit Manual Site Synchronization and select the Roster tab

Email Addresses

  1. If the member has a new email address that is different from what is available in the drop-down list during registration, they will not have the option to type in a new one. The member will have to call an administrator at the club to have the email address added to the accounting system. Once saved, the email address will update on the website and in a few minutes the member can reload the page and find the updated email address in the drop-down list for them to select and continue with the Member Registration process
  2. If the primary member and spouse/dependent all share the same email address and all the family members want to register with their own member number, the website won't know which password to reset when two accounts share the same email. When the second person in the family tries to register with the same email address a warning message will pop up indicating that the email address is already associated with a user account and if they proceed the consequence is that if they ever forget their password they will not be able to reset it on their own; they will have to contact an administrator at the club to have it reset. The registration process can be completed with the same email but there will be a warning message as seen below

Administrator Assisting with Registration

If the common issues listed above do not assist in helping a member register, there is an option for the administrator to register the member. For more instructions go to Managing Users and scroll down to the Registering a Member Account section.