Managing Roster Approvals

Once the Roster has be configured for Manual Approvals, all Roster Profile field updates will require an Administrator's approval prior to updating the club's A/R system. When a Roster Profile update is submitted by a member, an Approval Notification Email is sent to the club which includes a link to the Approval List page.

The Approval List page can be accessed within Club Central by an Administrator by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Planet icon in the far left corner
  2. Click on the Modules menu item
  3. Underneath the Modules menu, select the Roster module
  4. From the Roster settings page, select Approval List

All Roster Profile updates that were submitted by a member, will be displayed on the Approval List. Each submission will list a Status which depicts the state it is currently in.

  • Waiting For Approval - An Administrator has yet to review this submission
  • Declined - An Administrator has reviewed these updates and has deemed them invalid. The update request has been sent back to the member for review and correction.

In order review a Roster Profile update, follow these steps:
  1. From the Approval List page, click on the pencil next to the name of the member you wish to review
  2. This will bring up Member Profile window where you review the Roster Profile fields they wish to update:
    • Note: Roster fields that display 'red text' underneath the field, have had their values altered. The 'red text' represents the original value of that field.
  3. If you are satisfied that the changes are valid, click on the Approve button at the top of the window

Once you have approved the changes, the submission will disappear from the Approval List and the changes will be updated in the club's A/R system.

If you are not satisfied that the changes were valid, enter in a reason why the changes aren't valid in the 'Decline Reason' text area and click on the Decline button. This bring you back to Approval List and the original submission will still be listed, but will have a Declined status rather than Waiting For Approval. Declining a Roster Profile update, will trigger an email to be sent to the member's Club Contact email address stating the reason their update was declined. The member will be provided a link to edit their Roster Profile again and resubmit the updates.