Configuring My Buddies

The Buddies list is a quick way to add fellow members to a friends list for use in other areas of the website. With the advanced search options available in the Roster, it has been made easier to add members to your buddies list. The buddies added to this list can be used to book TeeTimes, Courts and other reservation modules. There are two methods to add member to the buddies list:

From the Buddies List 

  1. Once you have navigated to the Roster click on 'Buddies' tab just above the search bar
  2. Click on the 'Add Buddy' option
  3. Type in the name of Member and select them from the list

This will add the member to your list of buddies. You can search for additional members or click on 'Buddies' once again to see your new list of Buddies.

From the Roster

  1. Once you have navigated to the Roster, utilize the search features to locate the member you wish to add.
  2. Click on the member's name in the Roster to see their profile
  3. Next to the member's photo their will an add contact icon 
  4. Click on the icon and the member will be added to your 'Buddies' list