Configuring Statement Settings

The Configuration settings will allow you to dictate certain aspects of a member's Statement. The Statement settings are divided in to the following sections:
  • Rollover Settings
  • General Settings
  • Payment Integration
  • Additional Info Settings
  • Levy Settings
  • Help

Rollover Settings

The Statement Rollover option pertains to when, unbilled statement charges for the current month will become visually 'finalized' and billed for your members. The goal is to notify your members, when a statement is final and ready to be paid for online.

There are two rollover options for clubs:

Automated Statement Rollover

The Statement module will automatically set current/unbilled Statement charges to billed based on a number of days after the statement period is over.

In orde to utilize this option you will need to complete the following:

  1. From the Statement Configuration section, check off the "Automated Statement Rollover' checkbox
  2. Set the number of days you wish the unbilled charges, of the current month, to become finalized and displayed as billed charges.

Note: The number of days choosen, starts from the last day of the A/R configured statement period

  1. Click on the Save button at the top of the page

Manual Statement Rollover

You will need to navigate to this Configuration settings page and manually finalize the statement period each month to finalize any current/unbilled statement charges so that they will be displayed as billed.

In order to Finalize the charges in a month you will need to do the following:

  1. Navigate to Statements -> Configuration section of Club Central

The Rollover Settings section will be displayed as follows: 

  1. Click on the Finalize button next to the desired month
  2. Click on Save button at the top of the page
A member's statement will reflect the changes within 5 - 10 minutes of this change.

Note: Once the Finalize button has been clicked the charges that are now displaying as billed cannot be reversed.

General Settings

Show Unbilled Statements

This option determines whether or not the current month's unbilled charges is available to your members. By disabling this feature, members will not have access to the current statement or unbilled information within the Account Summary tab.


Display Minimums

This flag determines whether or not the Minimums section of the statement details should be displayed. Minimums will only display to members who have minimum plans in place, even if this option is checked.

Display Extra Statement Data

The Extra Statement Data pertains to statement details such as Aging information. This data may be different for your club however, as it depends on your A/R System configuration.

Display Totals

Activating the option to Display Totals will allow your members to see Total Taxes and Surchages within a Statement Period

Allows Dependents to View Statements

By enabling this option you will provide primary members with the ability to allow relatives to view their statement. Members can specify which relatives by way of the Edit My Personal Info screen within Roster.

Allow All Dependents to View Statements by Default

By enabling this flag, all relatives of a primary member will be able to view their primary member's online statement, provided the primary member has registered for the site.

Group Statements by Resource/Business Area

Use this option to elect whether or not a member will view their statements grouped by resource/business area.

Accounting Email


By entering an email into this field, the Contact Accounting button within the Statement Details screen is enabled. Clicking on the Contact Accounting button will send an email to the address entered here.

Landing Page

Select the default page your members will view when accessing the Statements module:

Account Summary

This page provides members with a consolidated view of their account at the club. Up to 12 months of previous statements are available.

Last Billed Statement

This page displays the online statement for the most recently completed statement period.

Current Statement

This page displays the current unbilled statement. This option is only available if you are allowing members to view unbilled statements. For more information on the display of these page please click here.

Chit Theme

Select the display theme (layout, color etc.) for your Chit display

Min. Display Name

This options enables you to choose whether the Minimum Plan Name or its Description are used to identify the Minimum(s) assigned to members. By default, Minimum Plan Name is used.

Payment Integration

Payment Integration will allow members to submit payments to the your club via an online Payment Service. An expample of Payment Service would be ePayment Services.

Enabling this option will add a 'PayNow' button to Online Statements. This button will open a new tab in your browser and navigate to the URL that has been designated.

Note: Any Payment Service configured here will be separate from you website and does not directly integrate with your A/R system. Your members will be required to login to a separate Payment Service website in order to submit online payments to your club.

Additional Info Settings

The Additional Info Settings will allow your members to see their Credit Book Balances online as well as Loyalty Balances if they are available in your clubs A/R System. Enabling either of these options will add an additional tab for the corresponding feature.

Levy Settings

Enabling the Levy Statement feature will allow your members to view statements of their Levy Transactions by way of an additional tab in the member's statement labeled 'Levy'.

Inactive Levy Purses

When this section is enabled, all active Levy Statements for your members will be displayed by default. If you wish to display Inactive Levy Purses you will need to enable this option in the Levy Settings as well.

Select Levy Period

The default instructional heading for your Levy Statements is 'Select Levy Period' this text can be edited with different message if you so choose.

Note: This section will only display data if your club's A/R system is configured with a Levy Module.


Enabling the Display Help Tab option will enable the Help tab which will display the help videos for members to view.